Paige Adams


Paige turns over a new page when not in India!

Paige has just started with Vixens’ Studios and is showing us the value of true customer care.  Paige is an advertising executive working for a large telecommunications company in India.  She freely told us that whilst she enjoys the cut and thrust of big business, nothing suits her better than the cut and thrust of big cock.  She adores her secret life and is showing us just what can be achieved in her training.

“It’s not exactly that one guy isn’t enough, at least not for me. It’s more about being desired. The idea that all these guys want me so badly, y’know?”

Well they are getting you Paige.  You need to visit us more often!

We Get to Turn that Paige at Last!

Paige flew over from India to start her training and we hope you like the result.