Lauren the Minx Lives Up to her Name!

We are so pleased to announce the arrival of College cheerleader Laureen to Vixens’ Studios.  She does have an interesting approach to her work, perhaps as a result of her not so hidden desires.

“All I wanted was to become an actress in adult movies”, I could think of nothing else before I arrived in the big city from my small village.

I had very little experience with men before this but my fantasies always focussed on me being the centre of attention for a number of strong muscled men. I decided it was time to live out that experience instead of just dreaming; my move to the new city now had an aim.

I came across a small advert in the back of a top-shelf magazine “Casting call for new performers.  Open-minded, attractive people, required for advanced videography”, and I was so excited at the idea…
I was a little bit nervous when I first met the Vixen’s manager, especially when I had to admit to him that I was not so expert.

But I was so lucky to find Vixen studio, they have taken me into their business and agreed to train and educate me.  This consisted of several gangbangs, each one getting more exciting, stronger and with more men.  My limits have been challenged and my capabilities have grown daily.

It’s a drug I need more and more, every day, every night…

And now they told me I’m ready for my first movie…. I’m so excited!!!