Kristin Chase


Let the Chase Begin!

Kristin is new to our studio, and a nice surprise to see a girl walk into our offices and ask to be a model.  We told her that she might have got us mixed up with a fashion house.  She listened to what we said we did here and that was that, she signed up straight away.  She was taken to the party house a few minutes later and started her training.  I guess that is what is known as highly-developed decision making…….  She is from California and has a very different viewpoint when it comes to adventures.

“I’m a college student and didn’t have much experience with acting before joining Vixens’ Studios, but they’ve done a great job training me and were able to schedule things around my classes. I had never even thought about being centre of attention for 2 guys yet here I am now able to confidently take on 8.  What an experience.  I’m so excited to start working with the team!”