Beth’t in Class!

Vixens’ Studios is pleased to announce the arrival out of training of our new hard-bodied beauty, Beth!  Beth is from Coronado near San Diego and is a real dynamo. She has overcome many challenges to finally get her shot at the big time!

OMG!I love being a Vixen’s Girl! I am really new to this and I’m hoping to make a great impression. I’ve nearly completed my gangbang training and all of the boys make me feel really special. I love being the center of attention. It’s been a dream of mine to please multiple men at once. The sight of them all, looking at me before the action starts,  makes me feel really sexy. It’s a real turn on for me to be surrounded by the heat from the guys and to hear the camera rolling.  Such a change from waiting on tables, to have men waiting on me for once! Oh YEAH!