Valery is on a Program!

Valery is a student of software engineering at the Politécnica de Valencia.  She has joined Vixens’ Studios for a very special reason.  When she graduates she will be working on a role playing game where you follow the success of a porn star.

She approached us to see if she could be a Vixens’ Studios Girl so she can understand at first hand what it is like to be a gangbang porn star.  How could we refuse?

“I wanted to look into this industry because I love trying new experiences, and I’m pretty sure I’ll find great and amazing excitement in it.
The computer game I will be working on could go to sexual extremes.  I must know what that means so I I need to see for myself.   There is no better way than being with the experts.  I had never tried a gangbang, but I wanted to; it’s something I had often wondered about. I met a couple of people from Vixens’ Studios and they introduced me to the management. They arranged for me to have some sessions with the Gangbang Training Team and so now I’m very excited about doing my first scenes.”