Toya Reacher


Toya Reaches Out!

Toya Reacher from Sweden has signed an exclusive contract with gangbang movie creators Vixens’ Studios.  She has taken her time deciding on which company to go with but has embraced the gangbang genre as her route to stardom.

“Sure, I had the choice of about 6 movie production studios, but I heard about the professionalism at Vixens’ Studios and I need that.  Ok, the fact that it specialises in gangbang movies was something to consider seriously.  The type of scenes a girl starts doing can limit her progress.  I figured that girls should not be afraid of it. You know though? I am so glad I joined a gangbang company!  I have just finished the 5th gangbang training event and I have taken to it like a duck to water.  I had no idea how empowering it is to walk into a room and feel 10 pairs of eyes undressing you, knowing that in 5 minutes time the action will be totally crazy and somewhat out of control, yet with me in total control.  Incredible!”