Jezebel Stirling


The Perfect Jezebel!

Jezebel Stirling is from Scotland and has that strong character and drive we have come to expect from the Scots.  Nothing puts Jezebel off her stride and she has been an amazing performer for a number of years, winning “Performer of the Month” no less than 6 times in her first year!  We are sure you will love her as much as we do.

“Girls from other studios often ask me why I chose a gangbang career with Vixens’ Studios.  The answer is simple, I didn’t!  Vixens evolved into being the number one gangbang studios and I was just there at the time.  I don’t care how many guys are in a scene, the more the merrier!  I just care that they treat me nicely after the cameras stop rolling and we all stay professional throughout!”