Annie Ruggles


English Rose Annie “Snuggles” Ruggles

English IT manager Annie is our newest signing.  She has been educated to the highest standards and this meant she knew a good deal when she saw it.  Welcome to Vixens Annie.

“When at college I dabbled with girl on girl fun but always held the darkest fantasies about trying 2 guys. Whilst keeping up the stiff upper lip of an English career woman, deep down I knew I was a slut bursting to get out.  Then my opportunity came.  I met Simon Comber and  he dropped the bombshell that he is a gangbang pornstar and he invited me to meet some managers and perhaps get involved.  I am now part way through the gangbang training and Simon is leading me through all of the steps to becoming a wonderful gangbang pornstar for you all.”

Annie is now also moving into a management role of business development, finding the sort of sponsors that appreciate beautiful girls in compromised situations with 2 or more guys.